Joseph Breikers

Artwork Title: Portal 2

Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 x 200mm (L x W x H, approx.)

Materials: exterior ply, paint, styrofoam, vaseline

Description of work: Portal 2

Portal 2 will consist of five fake rock-spires constructed of styrofoam, and dry brushed black and grey (see Penis Finger). These spires will be placed in vaseline, forming a kind of scale-model landscape. Each of these ‘landscapes’ will be placed on separate squares of exterior ply, measuring approximately 290 x 290 x 16mm, and spray painted with white gloss-enamel. These small sheets of ply will be positioned directly onto the floor of the Metro Arts exhibition space. Each form (consisting of ply, vaseline, and one fake rock-spire) will be arranged to sit on the five points of an invisible pentagram.

The work will be light from above using five soft spotlights.

Artist Statement:

I am interested in the many social forms that exist to accommodate our desires to engage in certain regressive behaviours, or act out a kind of persistent adolescence (sports, hobbies, certain forms of visual and audio entertainment). My creative practice aims to explore these social forms, or outlets, and their relationship to the role of humour in current contemporary art.



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