Daniel McKewen

Title –

something 2.0

Medium –

Digital Video (looped)

Artists Statement –

My work is primarily concerned with deconstructing mass-media representations of celebrity, and how examining how these constructions function as both ‘public spectacle’ and ‘private surrogate’.

Description –

In ‘something 2.0’ the looping of appropriated footage is employed to unpack the ways in which Hollywood films help to construct the spectacle that is the public persona of celebrities – creating new fictional narratives and personalities that combine with the ‘real’ to further aggrandize the celebrity myth. The inclusion of the text can be read as either a comical imposition or an attempted integration – in either reading, the lack of depth of the text and its small errors in movement and alignment become the punch-line. These errors – that belie the attempt at illusion – become indicators of the ‘private’ amongst the ‘public’. They speak to the actions of the artist as obsessive fan – dedicated to ‘completing’ the illusion and constructing a personal version of events. The celebrity’s visage is forced to bear someone’s private narrative, the tragicomic end-result of the artist as fan.


Artwork Sample (click to follow link)-


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