Channon Goodwin

Title –

Key Tricks

Medium –

Digital Video (looped)

Artist Statement –

I explore the creative potential of procrastination as the creative engine of my art practice. Through doing so I not only make a lot of artwork but also enjoy myself while doing it. Through this tactic I turn what was previously ‘time wasting’ / diversionary practices into productive activities that result in a series of artwork. This approach has led me to use digital video for the creation of these works almost exclusively. The qualities that digital video possess – immediacy, ease, portability, ability to be edited and mixed – make it the ideal medium for use in a practice where craft is purposefully shunned and ease, speed and enjoyment are fore grounded.

As the artwork is fueled by everyday activities the resulting images and sound often incorporates elements appropriated from the personal environment of my home and from popular culture. These reflexive elements begin to reference a constant personality behind the artwork whose taste, preferences, desires and interests are being exhibited to an audience.

The things that take up my time, and in turn become artworks, are most often centred on the consumption of popular media – listening to music, watching movies and surfing the Internet. The resulting artworks often combine music and actions performed to camera. In my video works, I perform simple actions such as tapping fingers in time to music, miming instruments, as well as drawing spontaneously in sync with my own selection of musical ‘favourites’. It could be said that what is being recorded is my reaction to popular media itself. These kinds of works call attention to new and distinct relationships between private leisure time, and the mass performance of popular media.

Description of work –

The artwork titled ‘Key Tricks’ that has been produced for the PERFECTION exhibition follows in this tradition. This work is a looping digital video artwork; the footage itself features a house key lying on a white surface, music starts and a hand enters the frame and manipulates the key while the music plays. When the music stops the key is dropped and the hand retreats from the frame only to re-enter again when the music starts again.


Artwork Sample (click to follow link):


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